How to call a script from another?

Christian christian at
Thu Oct 13 16:29:37 CEST 2005

 From a not even newbie:

Without knowing much about Python (yet) I'm trying to install the CMS 
Zope via FTP (with the well documented changes to make it work on an 
Apache server).
By birth Zope is started from a shell script. And not having the 
permissions to execute such ones I'll try writing a .py script (with the 
shebang that I allready knows will do the job) to call another .py 
script like the original shell script does.

So my question is:
How do I call a .py script from another .py script?
(Writing the rest - I hope - is piece of cake ;-) ).

(And yes, I know that there are a lot of other problems but for starters 
I just would like to try to call a .py script from another .py script.)



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