When someone from Britain speaks, Americans hear a "British accent"...

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On 2005-10-07, Jack Diederich <jack at performancedrivers.com> wrote:

> "What word(s) do you use to address a group of two or more people?"
> http://cfprod01.imt.uwm.edu/Dept/FLL/linguistics/dialect/staticmaps/q_50.html
> A map from a US dialect survey.  Click around for many more questions.

Cool.  While we're on the topic, has anybody else noticed that
"guys" is acceptible and commonly used to refer to a group of
women, but the singular "guy" is never used to refer to a
single woman (and most of the women I've asked think that "gal"
or "gals" is insulting).  Likewise, "dude" is often used when
addressing a female but almost never when speaking about one in
the third person.

> The question was a bit broken, it did not list "all y'all" and its
> most glaring omission was "yous guys"  The Philly responders selected
> the next best option of "yous"
> It is a bit odd that You'uns, yins, and yous are confined to Pennsylvania
> and very distinct east-west regions inside PA at that (Pittsburgh vs
> Philly orbits).

Eastern and Western Pennsylvania are practically different
countries when it comes to language and culture.

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