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Tue Oct 18 02:29:36 CEST 2005

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> So you think that MS, based on something that might (or might not
> happen) somewhere in a future, burned a lot of money?

    By the way, this is based on the same flawed premise that a lot of 
post-Y2K griping was based on. It went like this, "wow, we get all concerned 
and spent all this money on a problem that never even happened". Well, 
perhaps it didn't happen because we were all concerned and spent all this 
money on it.

    It is still a realistic possibility that operating systems will be 
commoditized and something other than the end-user's OS will be the target 
for most software development. It could be the language (like Java), the 
server (like the guts of web-based applications), or the browser (like the 
UI of web-base applications).

    Microsoft's current stance is to prevent this from happening if they 
can. If they can't, then they'll try to make sure that whatever they can't 
stop has Microsoft at the heart of it whether that's by "Microsoft 
thin-client OS" or "Microsoft Java" or whatever.

    By the way, if you read my other posts, you can see that I have no 
anti-Microsoft bias. They have every right to have their vision of the 
future of computing and to put their resources behind it. And it's hard to 
find a company whose future vision doesn't include their products in some 
important place. ;)


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