tkinter blues (greens, reds, ...)

Ron Adam rrr at
Sat Oct 29 03:29:13 CEST 2005

Sean McIlroy wrote:
> i'm using the canned colors ("pink", "orange", etc). should i try
> changing to explicit color specifications to see if that makes a
> difference? i'm not sure what the other guy meant by a "soft toy", but
> i take it the idea is to try and construct a correctness proof for the
> script, and see what keeps it (the proof) from working. it's a sound
> idea, of course, but the script is pretty darn straightforward, as you
> can see (below). anyway, i'll let you know how it turns out.
> peace

Hmm... It worked fine for me.  I'm using python 2.4.1 on windows XP.

I didn't see anything particularly wrong with the program that might 
cause the problem you are referring to.  So I'm afraid I can't help much.

Maybe someone with 2.3 can reproduce it?

BTW,  Nice puzzle, much harder than it looks.


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