Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at
Sat Oct 15 09:34:01 CEST 2005

Jeroen Wenting wrote:
> Without Microsoft 90% of us would never have seen a computer more powerful 
> than a ZX-81 and 90% of the rest of us would never have used only dumb 
> mainframe terminals.
At the time you "PC" guys where hacking around monochrome green and a 
bit lighter green screens I was doing multi-media editing on my Amiga 600.
So perhaps we should state that we would have been a lot further if not 
an incredible amount of cool technologies where bought by MS and then 
simply put in the freezer to protect their future market share.
Although Commodore where never serious competitors, they had some 
"intern" difficulties, too bad but life goes on.
To go on, stable version of truly free unix likes where released around 
1994 that was in the same time MS was working on their super stable 
released windows 95 and a slightly better NT 3.5 and let me not forget 
OS/2 warp 3.0 .

I'm not a MS basher, hey I make money of them administrating them, 
however to state that if we didn't had MS we would been in the IT stone 
ages is blatantly wrong, I think we would have been a lot further then 
where we are now. Perhaps we even had a other mainstream architecture 
like sparcs and powerpc's.


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