Microsoft Hatred FAQ

John W. Kennedy jwkenne at
Sun Oct 16 02:32:55 CEST 2005

Rhino wrote:
> Everyone
> else was still using typewriters - which was IBM's bread and butter in those
> days - for their business needs.

Oh dear, no. Not quite. There were, going back decades, machines that 
used punched cards, relays, stepper wheels, and punched cards. It was 
/that/ that was the foundation of IBM's business, and IBM had an 
effective monopoly. This was not altogether due to evil; their one 
competitor, Remington Rand, made machines that were slightly better, but 
had to be factory-programmed, whereas IBM's machines used panels full of 
jumper wires, and the panels themselves could be swapped, so that you 
could have a "program library" of prewired panels. Which would /you/ buy?

Remington Rand made a similar mistake with computers. They wouldn't give 
you a programming manual until you contracted to buy the bloody thing. 
IBM pulled ahead of them during the year when Univac computers were real 
and IBM computers weren't, and they never looked back.

John W. Kennedy
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