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>HTML is a problem on *other* peoples crappy software as well. It
>wasn't designed to carry code content, but has been hacked up to do

It seems to me it goes without saying that you cannot trust code from
strangers, especially anonymous strangers.  You simply don't run code
sent in email except from highly trusted individuals.  If you do, that
is YOUR fault for being such a silly ass not the mail system's ability
to deliver code.  It is as stupid as running code that came as an

One of the ideas I play with in my essay  is that you could insist
your correspondents have digital id certificate signed by Thawte or
other CA attesting to their identity, thus giving you legal recourse
against them if they send you spam, Trojans etc.

This would slow them down with requests for permission to send. they
could send only one per certificate.  The  cost and hassle of getting
the certificate could deter tem, and uniquely identify them for
blocking and public black lists.

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