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>>>     You don't get it. The point is, you can pick any Linux
>>>     distribution and
>>> still use the same applications. This is exactly what Microsoft
>>> *doesn't* want. They want applications to be locked to Microsoft
>>> OSes. For then to do this, applications have to be as tied to the OS
>>> as possible. The browser as a target platform threatened this
>>> Microsoft vision, so Microsoft reacted by trying to corner the
>>> browser market and balkanize Java.
>> And when are we going to see this browser as a target platform?
>     It may not happen, or it may. The future of computing is not known
>     at 
> this point.

So you think that MS, based on something that might (or might not 
happen) somewhere in a future, burned a lot of money?

>> No: the historical fact is that MS whiped Netscape of the planet.
>> That you come up with "They were afraid that everybody would be
>> running NS Office online using Netscape" is just a guess.
>     No, it's well-documented fact that Microsoft's entry into the
>     browser 
> war was precisely because they feared that browsers would become the
> new operating systems.

Where can I read that well-documented fact?

>> MS just seems to ignore a certain development for some time, then
>> state it's not significant, and next they are an important player.
>> This is not limited to "MS missed the Internet, almost...". They
>> don't miss anything, they just don't jump on every hype.
>     What is your explanation for why MS decided it was so important to
> control the browser market? You think MS was too stupid to realize
> that web-based applications threatened to make desktop OSes
> interchangeable? 

And you think MS is so stupid to just jump through hoops because 
something that still isn't here, might have been there like 8 years ago?

Can you show me what companies MS bought to justify their fear for a 
major move to thin client computing?

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