UI toolkits for Python

Christophe chris.cavalaria at free.fr
Tue Oct 18 18:45:33 CEST 2005

Mike Meyer a écrit :
> aleaxit at yahoo.com (Alex Martelli) writes:
>>Maybe that's the key difference between the mindset of a
>>mathematician and that of an engineer -- I consider reaching over
>>95% of visitors to be _quite good indeed_,
> Oh? So you'd consider an SMTP/IMAP/POP/DNS/NFS/etc server that
> rejected 5% of the systems connecting to be _quite good indeed_? I
> think I'm glad that the internet wasn't built by people who agreed
> with that.
> If you know what you're doing, you can have the best of both worlds
> for a lot of web applications. Yes, it won't be as rich or functional
> for the five percent who worry about security (or whatever), but it'll
> still work. And yes, you can't do it for every application. For those,
> anyone vaguely competent will add a warning.
> What surprises me is that marketing types will accept turning away -
> what's the current internet user base? 200 million? - 10 million
> potential customers without a complaint. Or maybe they just don't get
> told that that's what's going on.
>       <mike

Last time I checked, it was only 60% of the users with Javascript 
enabled. Not sure about the current ratio but with the various locked 
down IE installs it doesn't surprise me too much.

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