Tricky Areas in Python

Chris Curvey ccurvey at
Mon Oct 24 00:52:48 CEST 2005

I usually start by asking how you make variables "private" within
classes.  That seems to tell me if they understand something about the
design of the language and it's a quick filter to tell if they know
something about the syntax.

The other question that I use is asking about 3rd party libraries that
they have found useful.  That can lead into some good questions about
what they like about those libraries and what they dislike.  That
question helps me understand whether they've thought at all about how
to design in Python.

If I can't get a good conversation started with either of those, I'll
ask what they don't like about Python, to see if they've actually used
it to solve a real problem, or if they've just read the tutorial.

As always, the best interview questions are open-ended, and give the
candidate some room to really show their stuff (or give them enough
rope to hang themselves).

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