How is wxWindows related to Python?

Sathyaish sathyaish at
Sun Oct 2 03:36:06 CEST 2005

My question will sound daft to the good old craftsmen, but they will
excuse my nescience on the subject. I come new to the Pythonic world
from the land of .NET languages, VB6 and some familiarity in C and C++.

I just read about wxWindows last night. From my understanding, it is a
GUI framework like MFC that lets you create UI apps with ease calling a
standard set of API accross multiple platforms (unlike MFC) and if the
Windows port is complementary to MFC in that it shields you from
calling the Win32 API directly.

However, I do not understand its correlation with Python. The
documentation page says, "wxWindows 2.4.2: A portable C++ and Python
GUI toolkit." So, my question is, "How is wxWindows related to Python?"

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