Microsoft Hatred FAQ

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Wed Oct 26 02:58:27 CEST 2005

"Roedy Green" <my_email_is_posted_on_my_website at munged.invalid> wrote in 
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> Of course he cares. He is a shill. He licks that hand that feeds him.

    In an indirect sense. The company I work for does get a lot of sales 
because we are "anyone but Microsoft". So we actually profit from people's 
dislike of Microsoft's products. FWIW, I do think most Microsoft products 
are utter crap with one exception -- in a sufficiently controlled situation, 
the product can be demonstrated to be able to do what most people think they 
want it to do.

    I'm not sure whether or not the market really wants crap. It may be that 
Microsoft correctly read that the mass market for software is for crap 
software, just like the mass market for science television is for crap 
science television. Frankly, I hope not.

    It's kind of like how a PBS science special, largely free from market 
forces, is generally of fairly high quality. On the other hand, a network 
science special shaped largely by market forces, is likely to be about a 
person who has learned how to speak with cats or the dead.


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