edw!n python at
Thu Oct 27 21:41:04 CEST 2005

If you're a complete newbie.. Try the tutorials at And
maybe change them for a book when your eyes get sour with reading ;)

I just started programming in python myself and i must say that it pleases
me so far. Don't know what your programming experience is, but mine is
limited to some BASIC and Pascal years and years ago.

One of the things that i actually like about it, is solving the puzzles
myself.. It's a nice solitary way to keep myself busy when i don't feel
like reading.

Find some tutorials online, maybe get a book. Buy one, maybe get one from
the library and write some code until you get so stuck that you won't be
able to solve it yourself anymore. Then maybe ask for help... I think it's
more fun this way :P

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