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Micah Elliott mde at
Thu Oct 6 22:45:48 CEST 2005

On Oct 06, Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> The only _real_ problem is the eclipse learning curve.

The only real *advantage* of Eclipse (over other suggested tools) is its
highly hyped automatic refactoring.  Admittedly, I have not used it for
Python development, but I'm skeptical of the feasibility of
auto-refactoring in general, and therefore acknowledge *no* advantage.
Furthermore, Eclipse requires java and is thusly not provided on any
linux distro I'm familiar with, which I consider a huge roadblock.  And
as mentioned, it's bloated.

> But, given  that eclipse will be around for a _long_ time, and given
> how nicely  PyDev is coming along, I actually expect this to become
> the de facto  standard Python editor (though it will take a while).

Was this a troll??  If so, you got me to bite.  I haven't heard a
feature mentioned in this thread that can't be done at least as easily
with a capable text editor like vim or emacs.

I'm not trying to start another editor war here.  They tend to have a
steeper learning curve than IDEs, but in my experience are largely worth
the learning investment.  I just wanted to say that I really doubt the
possibility of Eclipse becoming anywhere near standard, given any amount
of time.

I would suspect that the majority of Python programmers write in one of
vim or emacs. Anyone got stats?

Micah Elliott
<mde at>

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