Windows vs Linux [was: p2exe using wine/cxoffice]

skip at skip at
Wed Oct 26 16:58:45 CEST 2005

    Tim> I am quite well aware of all of the ways you mention of recalling
    Tim> history etc. etc. When I've tried using them, they all seem
    Tim> tiresomely cumbersome ...

That's not at all surprising (at least not to me).  An important point to
realize is that readline's command recall is by default switchable between
Emacs-like key bindings and VI-like key bindings.  (If you're familiar with
readline's configuration file, I suspect you can make it resemble other
editors as well.)  If you're unfamiliar with either vi or Emacs, you're
likely to find either mode combersome.  For someone who regularly uses one
or the other, they are quite natural.  I speak as someone who has used Emacs
of one variety or another for over 20 years.  For me, readline's key
bindings "just work".


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