Python based unacceptable language filter

Nigel Rowe see at signature.invalid
Mon Oct 3 03:45:40 CEST 2005

David Pratt wrote:

> Hi.  Is anyone aware of any python based unacceptable language filter
> code to scan and detect bad language in text from uploads etc.
> Many thanks.
> David

You might be able to adapt languagetool.

Later versions have been ported to Java, but the old python version of
languagetool is at

His thesis paper is at

Mind you, given the poor language skills of many native english speakers
(not to mention those for whom english is a second language) relying on
automated filters to enforce 'good' language seems a trifle extreme.  This
post for example would probably not pass.


PS. For the humour impaired, this g*d d*mm post was a f*cking joke, OK! :-)

Mind you, the links are real.

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