Accessing Parallel Port in Python Error : Priviledged Instruction

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Oct 15 17:39:39 CEST 2005

guenais at wrote:
> When I use Pyparallel to access the parallel port in WinXP with Python
> I get an error saying that this is a priviledged instruction
> Any clue ?

Here's a clue: please always cut and paste the *entire actual* traceback 
when you report a Python error.

If it's not a Python traceback, spend the time to retype -- carefully -- 
the exact text from the dialog where the error was reported.  If it's 
one of those awful Windows crash dialogs with reams of useless 
information, spend some time thinking about what portion of that would 
be most likely to be of help to us, if you can't retype all of it.

Also consider reporting on version numbers of things: Python, 
Pyparallel, WinXP (SP2 for example?), just in case that matters.


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