"no variable or argument declarations are necessary."

Paul Rubin http
Thu Oct 6 11:05:59 CEST 2005

Duncan Booth <duncan.booth at invalid.invalid> writes:
> The value XML_NAMESPACE was imported from xml.dom, but the xml package is 
> kind of weird. XML_NAMESPACE defined both in xml.dom and in the 
> _xmlplus.dom package. The _xmlplus package is conditionally imported by the 
> xml package, and completely replaces it, but only if _xmlplus is present 
> and at least version 0.8.4 (older versions are ignored).
> This is precisely the kind of flexibility which gives Python a lot of its 
> power, but it means that you cannot tell without running the code which 
> package actually provides xml.dom.

This sounds like the socket module, which is a total mess.  Library
code should not be written like that.

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