Windows installer, different versions of Python on Windows

Brandon K prince_amir86 at
Mon Oct 10 15:26:32 CEST 2005

When you install Python it plug entries into the registry, so that when 
you go to install add-ons that are pre-compiled binaries, they look into 
the registry for the python directory.  If you can find out how to 
manipulate the registry so that the binaries would recognize different 
installations, you'd be good to go.  This would probably involve having 
copies of the same key with different values.

> I would like to install several copies of Python 2.4.2 on my machine, 
> but it doesn't seem to be possible.
> If I allready has a version installed, the installer only gives the 
> options to:
> - change python 2.4.2
> - repair python 2.4.2
> - remove python 2.4.2
> I would like to install different versions of Zope 3, and since it is 
> installed under a specific python version, the simplest solution would 
> be to install several Python versions, and install a different zope3 
> version under each python install.
> Have I misunderstood something here?

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