Problem with py2exe

Miki Tebeka mtebeka at
Mon Oct 31 08:19:38 CET 2005

Hello DDany,

> copying D:\programs\python24\MSVCR71.dll -> D:\Applicazione\dist
> error: could not delete 'C:\app\dist\MSVCR71.dll': Permission denied
> However folders build and dist are created: in particular into the
> folder dist i have the w9xpopen.exe file, some *.pyd files and some
> dll's... among dll's I have the MSVCR71.dll too.
My guess in the MSVCR71.dll is a read-only file in system32 and when py2exe
tries to copy it the 2'nd time it fails.

Either change MSVCR71.dll to read-write in system32 or delete "dist" before
calling to py2exe.

One final note: 
You subject line could have been better, see

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