MSH (shell)

Michael ms at
Thu Oct 27 22:06:55 CEST 2005

bearophileHUGS at wrote:

> This can be of little interest of some people here, but I think it can
> be interesting enough to justify a post.
> An article on the Microsoft Command Shell:
> (Its syntax is rather Python-like, but Py syntax seems better to me,
> even taking into account that their purposes are a little different).
> Other info:
> Something vaguely similar made with Python:

Kamaelia's Axon Shell[*] is also very similar. An Axon scheduler runs as a
background thread to an IPython interpretor, allowing you to "launch"
Kamaelia components interactively, including both pipelines and Graphlines
of components.


But then Kamaelia IS designed as a pipeline/graphline (1d,2d,n-d) system
from the ground up, so having a shell for it was a logical step :-) ...

I suppose the difference between python and MSH is you don't need a separate
language, maybe a module or three, but you don't need to modify the
language :)


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