Yes, this is a python question, and a serious one at that (moving to Win XP)

qwweeeit at qwweeeit at
Mon Oct 17 19:10:43 CEST 2005

Hi Claudio,
I fully agree with you. I already used AutoIt 3 but when I moved to
Linux I wasn't able to find anything similar.
I moved also to Python for its power but also if it is called a
scripting language it doesn't simply interact with graphical
applications. As a last resort I tried DCOP (Desktop COmmunication
Protocol) to at least interact
(also from Python) with KDE applications. But even there it is
impossible to send a simulated keystroke to a running KDE application
(for ex. the konqueror browser).
Also if I will not switch back to Windows, when I have macro and
automation problems I am obliged to use XP (I have  double boot...).

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