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Mon Oct 10 15:52:48 CEST 2005

In comp.lang.perl.misc Tim Tyler <tim at tt1lock.org> wrote:
> In comp.lang.java.programmer Steven D'Aprano <steve at removethiscyber.com.au> wrote or quoted:
>> Only if your photos are so obscure and confusing that they need captions.
>> "Here's Johnny with the dog. Here is Johnny with the dog again. This one
>> is Johnny on his own. Here is the dog. Oh look, it is Johnny with the dog
>> again -- that's the dog on the left, in case it isn't clear. Just for a
>> change, this is Johnny wearing a hat. It is blue with a feather in it,
>> in case you couldn't tell from, oh I don't know, looking at the actual
>> picture."
> What have you got against captions?
> Giving photos captions is a *very* common practice.

Why not just put them on a web page? It is then possible to include
thumbnails so the recipient can chose to see which ones he cares to
look at in detail.

It also allows the web address to be sent to several people
without wasting bandwith.


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