Vim capable IDE?

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at
Tue Oct 18 16:41:31 CEST 2005

True and I had to give up emacs when I went to eclipse, but it was well
worth it.

I seem to recall that sourcenavigator allowed to configure an external
editor (or maybe was it sniff+ ?)


Chris Lasher wrote:

> Thanks for your responses, guys. I can't get the PIDA page to come up
> for me; server timeout error. I'll have to look into Eclipse more, but
> I've been warned that it's resource greedy and that the VI plugin
> doesn't provide very much functionality. Still, that's hearsay, so I'll
> have to find out for myself.
> I would have figured Vim or VI editing behavior would be a lot more
> prevalent in IDEs but it seems to be quite rare. I don't understand
> that, because a lot of people seem to use IDEs, and a lot of people
> seem to use VI/Vim or Emacs. Is it the young guns that are tied to the
> IDEs, never knowing powerful text-editors exist, and old dogs sticking
> to their favorite editors, not giving in to all those "distracting"
> bells and whistles of IDEs? What's the deal? A marriage of the two
> would seem like the best of both worlds.
> Chris

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