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Thu Oct 20 10:32:46 CEST 2005

Check out As are you, Brandon is highly
intelligent, knowledgeable, and good. May you have an awesome day.
A Succinct Warning: Elements of Mossad, sated with cash from the
murderous and destructive narcotics trade - for example, according to
Reader's Digest, cocaine alone costs US businesses $50+ billion per
year (!) - are using some medical, pharmacy, and food service workers
to murder men, women, and children. (A certain tasteless acid, for
instance, causes cancer.) Victor Ostrovsky's book By Way of Deception
and James Ennes, Jr.'s Assault on the Liberty offer other elucidation
as does the following Daily News article:
President of the International Narcotics Control Board, Philip Emafo,
put it excellently when he stated: "Drug trafficking does not
contribute to economic growth and prosperity [rather it] destabilizes
the state, the economy, and civil society apart from the damage to
long-term economic development." On top of this, elements of Mossad
have decided to become serial-killers/terrorists and murder men, women,
and children.
-- Nick

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