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>And even more convenient is "Hey grandma, check out the latest
>photos on my web site: www.example.com/rich/photos".

that is what my sister does.  And there is now a service that will do
that  See http://storymill.com/tidepool/

I find it amusing that people who complain about me giving links in my
posts rather that expounding inline are willing to insist others do
their emails via  links where you need to fire up a separate browser
to see the images. 

The other problem is maintaining a website is probably a skillset
Grandma is not willing to acquire. Even image inserting into emails is
pushing it. Further the website  is yet an additional monthly expense
that could be avoided by using HTML in emails.

You might say what about those free 10 mb websites?  That's not very
many images with today's megapixel digital cameras.

I think we computer folk owe the public an email system that works and
that is easy to use. It should at LEAST work better than the snail
mail system. The essential problem is it was designed overnight as a
proof of concept and has not been designed to deal with the problem of
spam or tracking conversational threads. Enclosures were a kludge.
Mail should be 8-bit binary transport with a system something like the
US post uses for large parcels. They don't show up directly in your in
mail box.  You have to ok their delivery.

The biggest disincentive to spam would be to make sender pay a fee to
the receiver or to backbone maintenance.  For most people it would all
balance out.  Spammers would have to become more selective in their
targets. If they were sufficiently selective, they would not be a
nuisance. They could even be helpful sometimes.

I wrote an essay years ago on how such an email system might work.  At
this point I think the most likely evolution is via Instant messaging
acquiring all the abilities of regular email. Instant mail interfaces
were designed to be computer friendly and extendable, so even though
there are a great many of them, people have written software that can
interface to many of them such as Trillian or Jabber.

see http://mindprod.com/projects/mailreadernewsreader.html
Canadian Mind Products, Roedy Green.
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