Recursive generators and backtracking search

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Sun Oct 30 10:14:48 CET 2005

 >>                    for pos in qsearch( pos ):
 >>                         yield pos

> Um - do you really want to reuse the variable pos here? Yeah, it
> works, but this strikes me as very confusing. I'm not sure that it
> might not be implementation dependent.

Certainly not. pos is - and that is standard python  semantics - just a 
name. Passing the bound _value_ of pos to some function and rebinding 
the the name afterwards is perfectly legal and will work in all 

The question of style though remains. I wouldn't do that either, but 
what I frequntly do is something like this:

pos = "10"
pos = int(pos)

Thus when I'm sort of transforming a value, I think it's ok, as the name 
still refers to the same conceptual entity.



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