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Mon Oct 17 23:51:10 CEST 2005

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> So you think that MS, based on something that might (or might not
> happen) somewhere in a future, burned a lot of money?

    Yep. Why do you think Microsoft tried to balkanize Java?

>>> No: the historical fact is that MS whiped Netscape of the planet.
>>> That you come up with "They were afraid that everybody would be
>>> running NS Office online using Netscape" is just a guess.
>>     No, it's well-documented fact that Microsoft's entry into the
>>     browser
>> war was precisely because they feared that browsers would become the
>> new operating systems.

> Where can I read that well-documented fact?

    Pretty much in any history of the browser wars. For example, the DOJ 
writes, in their appeal brief:

In May 1995, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer William Gates wrote that 
Netscape was "pursuing a multi-platform strategy where they move the key API 
into the client [Web browser] to commoditize the underlying operating 

    There are many, many other sources. This was never a secret and was 
never in dispute. You are welcome to keep your head in the sand, but it's 
just you.

>>> MS just seems to ignore a certain development for some time, then
>>> state it's not significant, and next they are an important player.
>>> This is not limited to "MS missed the Internet, almost...". They
>>> don't miss anything, they just don't jump on every hype.
>>     What is your explanation for why MS decided it was so important to
>> control the browser market? You think MS was too stupid to realize
>> that web-based applications threatened to make desktop OSes
>> interchangeable?

> And you think MS is so stupid to just jump through hoops because
> something that still isn't here, might have been there like 8 years ago?

    I can only surmise that you are completely unfamiliar with the history 
of the browser wars.

> Can you show me what companies MS bought to justify their fear for a
> major move to thin client computing?

    They explicitly said that this was their fear. You don't need to read 
tea leaves, you can read memos and speeches. It is very clear that MS was 
(and to some extent still is) afraid that thin clients and web-based 
applications will commoditize the OS.


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