Microsoft Hatred FAQ

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Thu Oct 20 13:18:53 CEST 2005

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>> Not if they abuse a monopoly position in doing so, which is where we
>> started.

>     In other words, what they did was wrong because it was them who did it. 

No, do not twist words. What they did was wrong, no matter what their
name was. If somebody else had done that it would alsobe wrong.

> It is fine if anyone else does, just not fine if Microsoft does it.


>     And what is it they have a monopoly in again? Operating systems?

O/ses on PC platforms, as determined by the courts. Thanks to their
initial agreement with IBM, and subsequent nasty tactics.

>     Can you cite any rational reason whatsoever for defining the market so 
> ridiculously narrowly? Of course not.

I define whatever you are talking about the way it is, unlike you, who
seem to define whatever it is the way you like. So go 'way 'n be
happy.  The world has spoken.


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