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Wed Oct 26 01:05:45 CEST 2005

Time for my two cents regarding this "debate."

I started working on an anti-Microsoft website at some time ago. I never
really finished it, for several reasons. I was new to
PHP, so it was kind of slow going to begin with. Then
I made some big mistakes that I still haven't found
time to fix.

Another reason is that I was simply overwhelmed by
Bill Gates' crimes. I've lived in Seattle and worked
in its public schools foor nearly two decades. I
became a political activist a few years ago and have
even run for public office several times. Trust me,
the more you learn about Bill Gates, the greater the

Still another reason my website is unfinished is that
I was one of many teachers who got laid off in the
wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since then I've
been too busy scrambling to survive to devote much
time to politics.

I can't prove that Bill Gates had anything to do with
it, but I had heard through the grapevine just a year
or two earlier that Bill Gates - who apparently
regards public education as  a Microsoft subsidiary -
wanted to get rid of a bunch of teachers, for reasons
known only to Gates.

I experienced some shocking dirty tricks during my
first bid for public office at the hands of Bill
Gates' father. At the time, I couldn't figured out why
he would care about a school board campaign. That was
before I realized how important students are to Bill
Gates' bank account.

How sleazy is Bill Gates' father? He's a founding
partner of Preston, Gates & Ellis - the lobbying firm
masquerading as a law firm that recently made
front-page headlines as the empoloyer of Jack
Abramoff. But Abramoff isn't the only sleazebag who
associates with Bill Gates, Sr. He may not even be the
only murderer (assuming he's eventually convicted of

I find it very symbolic that the late pedophile judge,
Gary Little, was a teacher at the Lakeside School for
Boys - perhaps while Bill Gates and Paul Allen were
students there. I wouldn't be at all surprised if
Little and Bill Gates' father were chums, before
Little committed suicide.

The bottom line: I get sick of the tired old argument
that Bill Gates is guilty of nothing more than
excelling at the game of capitalism AND he's one
helluva philanthropist besides.

Bill Gates is a bucket of sleaze, period. He's
obviously intelligent and a hard worker and has
certainly earned million dollars. But he isn't worthy
of billionaire status. That can be attributed to his
disdain for both the law and ethics and to his silent
partner, his father.

And Bill Gates' "philanthropy" is nothing more than
public relations, advertising, tax-writeoffs, bribes.
The jackass even screwed Seattle taxpayers out of
millions of dollars in choosing a home for the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation!

To put it in perspective, think about the legacies of
past multi-billionaires, like the Carnegies and
Rockefellers. They left us great institutions, like
libraries. If Bill Gates died to today, what would his
legacy be? "Microsoft Auditorium" in the Seattle
Public Library. A building named "Mary Gates Hall" at
the University of Washington. Schools that get worse
every year, staffed by teachers who can scarcely
afford to live in the city in which they work.

The high-tech community typically disdains politics,
caring little about more than an operating system that
runs the way it should. But politics are all around
us. As one of many examples, people should be worried
about an extrmely powerful and amoral individual named
Bill Gates gaining control of the Internet. Just look
at what the b*stard has alrady done to our schools.

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