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Wed Oct 26 01:25:52 CEST 2005

Hi Bruno,

I'm simply using the IDLE editor to hand code, then compiling and running.


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> Ask wrote:
>> G'day All,
> (snip)
> Welcome here...
>> I must admit to much confusion regarding some of the basics, but I'm sure
>> time, reading, and good advice will get rid of that. at this stage, it's
>> just working through some examples and getting my head around things. As 
>> an
>> example, if I create a window, I've been unable to force it to be a 
>> certain
>> size, and put a button (widget) at (say) 20,40 (x & y). Is window 
>> formatting
>> possible?
> As you say, Python runs on a lot of platforms. It also allow the use of
> a lot of GUI toolkits. So "windows formatting" isn't a Python problem -
> it's specific to to toolkit you're using. Since we don't know which
> you're using, there's no way to answer your question.
> -- 
> bruno desthuilliers
> python -c "print '@'.join(['.'.join([w[::-1] for w in p.split('.')]) for
> p in 'onurb at xiludom.gro'.split('@')])" 

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