Microsoft Hatred FAQ

Mike Meyer mwm at
Sun Oct 23 23:35:32 CEST 2005

"David Schwartz" <davids at> writes:
>> Instead, you outline a class of actions and tag them
>> all as illegal. That's why we have laws against assault and battery
>> and unsafe driving. And laws against exercising monopoly power in an
>> unfair manner.
>     Interesting how you, again, equate a gun and an argument. It is very 
> important to you to justify responding to arguments with guns. However, I 
> reject that premise at its roots, not just in your application of it.

Another straw man. I never mentioned the word "gun" at all, and none
of the crimes I discussed require a gun.

You apparently aren't interested in constructive intercourse on the
question. You're just interesting in knocking down your own
arguments. Personally, I'd rather not watch you masterbate.

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