suggestions between these two books

rdsteph at rdsteph at
Wed Oct 26 16:53:22 CEST 2005

Both of these books are great. Youc an't go wrong with either one.

The Beginning Python has an itroduction to the language and then also
some projects. Learning Python doens't have projects but is a great
introduction to the language.

John Salerno wrote:
> Hi all. I'm fairly new to programming and I thought I'd like to try
> Python. I'm trying to decide between these two books:
> Learning Python (O'Reilly)
> Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional (APress)
> and I was hoping you might have some suggestions. LP seems to be a good
> intro, but the other was published only a month ago and covers 2.4. So
> one question would be, is 2.2 different enough from 2.4 to warrant
> getting the newer book for that reason?
> I might end up getting both eventually, but to start with I'm not sure
> which to choose.
> Thanks!

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