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Terry Hancock hancock at
Sat Oct 15 07:09:44 CEST 2005

On Friday 14 October 2005 11:04 pm, boyanpn wrote:
> I wonder if my web host suports python (with pygame), if I download
> game from and upload it to my site, could users access
> to it with browser and play game ?

In the main, no.

PyGame is a multimedia library, using SDL to access the graphics capabilities
on a machine. It is fundamentally, a client (or standalone) application, and
does not (AFAIK) have anything to do with web services.

In order to be able to play a game "on your site" "using a browser" would
require either:

1) A very simple game that can use an HTML interface and software on your
server meant to deal with that.

2) Games that are actually implemented as Java or Javascript or some other
"applet" technology that is downloaded into their browser.  "Some other"
pretty much only applies if your users are using a plugin or have a very
nonstandard browser.  However, DO be aware that there is a version of Python
called Jython ( which would allow you to package a
Python program for use as an applet (running on Java).  The bad news is,
it won't be anything like the PyGame environment (you'd be using Java libraries,
like Swing, etc).

Or, probably more useful to you, you could just provide games that people
can download. This is what actually happens with an applet, of course, so
there's no actual saving of bandwidth by "running it on your server". What
is saved is the hassle of installing the software once it's downloaded.

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