Sequence and/or pattern matching

Séb scapt at
Wed Oct 19 10:21:31 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to python and I want to write a piece of code who do
the following work for data mining purpose :

1) I have a list of connexion between some computers. This list has
this format :

Ip A               Date             Ip B
...                ...              ...        19.10.2005        19.10.2005        19.10.2005
...                ...              ...

2) I want to find if there are unknown sequences of connexions in my
data and if these sequences are repeated along the file :

For example :

Computer A connects to Computer B then
Computer B connects to Computer C then
Computer C connects to Computer A

3) Then, the software gives the sequences it has found and how many
times they appear...

I hope this is clear, point 2) is where I have my main problem. Has
someone an idea where to start and if there's already something coded ?



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