New project coming up...stay with Python, or go with a dot net language??? Your thoughts please!

spiffo noone at
Mon Oct 3 16:01:37 CEST 2005

The Main Issue in a nutshell

I am a corporate developer, working for a single company. Got a new project
coming up and wondering if I should stay with Python for this new, fairly
large project, are jump back on the 'safe' M$ bandwagon using a dot net
language? Cross platform is NOT an issue, but COMPLETE control/compatability
with MsSql Server (current and future versions) certainly is.

Quick History

Started out 10+ yrs ago using FoxPro, upgrading as Fox did, was a good
system but never really loved it due to many factors I won't get into now.

Did alot of work in Delphi, once version 5 came out... really loved it for
awhile. Began using MS SQL server as database.

Had a HUGE re-write of an old dos-based database system to do, did alot of
work on it in Delphi 7, but really began to have issues with Delphi, even
tho alot of it is fantastic.

As I was working on the re-write, had another smaller system to work up, so
I was going to have to do both at once... I began to look around for another
language as was having issues with Delphi, very long story short, I became
enthralled with Python, and using it, with wxWindows to write the interface,
and to communicate with ms sql server, I did the other smaller

To my big surprise, within a short time where I wrote a wrapper class that
emulated working with the Delphi ado record set object, around the very nice
(but somewhat limited) module. For the windows user interface, I
also learned how to create wx resource files with the stock resource editor
and connect the controls to code. And using a free text editor (pspad) I was
MORE PRODUCTIVE than with the super-duper point and click visual Delphi.

Ok, I got the small system done very quickly, and dumped my problematic
delphi version of the big system, and re-worked it up with my thrown
together, totally free Python package, and I swear, had it finished before I
would have if I had stayed with the Delphi version.

Ok, time goes by, the big system continues to get improved etc... now all of
a sudden, the smaller system needs to grow big time, as it has morphed and
they need all these new things.


Ok, I LOVE python, so that is not the issue, but, I am getting very worried
about it's growth. I recently re-visted the web looking at alot of projects
I assumed would be up and running by now from over a year ago, such as Boa
Constructor, Iron Python etc... it seems all these projects get started, but
never finished.

Also, more and more I need *complete* control of ms sql from my apps, which
is simply not available from the adodbapi module I got off the internet...
also, ms sql 2005 is getting ready to come out... what if the guy that wrote does not feel like upgrading it so it even works with MS SQL
SERVER 2005? Yeesh... you get the picture...

So, wondering if anyone else is having these concerns or not, and if not,
why etc... Any input appreciated.

Python lover, but worried,

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