wxListbook layout problem

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Wed Oct 26 00:47:31 CEST 2005

Andrea Gavana wrote:
> Hello Kay,
>>Core Windows/Contols folder, replace there wx.LB_DEFAULT by wx.LB_RIGHT
>>and resize the main window the listbox on the right side moves into the
>>area of colored panel. This is a surprise to say the least. Has anyone
>>of the GUI specialists an idea how to fix this?
> Yeah, that's a bug, at least on XP. I have tried almost everything (binding
> the wx.EVT_SIZE and calling refresh, using a sizer, binding the parent
> wx.EVT_SIZE) to no avail... probably there is a solution, but at the moment
> I am unable to find it...
> I would suggest to fill a bug report on this on the wxPython sourceforge bug
> tracker, or whatever it is its name. You could also post this on the
> wxPython mailing list.
> This is WinXP, Python 2.4.1, wxPython prerelease.
> Andrea.
As a further data point I have WinXP SP2, Python 2.4.1 and wxPython Unicode, and everything appears to work fine. So if it's a bug 
it's a recent one.

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