Help with chaos math extensions.

Andrew Gwozdziewycz apgwoz at
Thu Oct 6 14:28:13 CEST 2005

On Oct 5, 2005, at 7:44 AM, Brandon K wrote:

> In case you missed it, I said I have windows XP.  Windows XP
> pre-compiled python binaries are built on VS .NET 2003.  In order to
> build extensions, you need the compiler the interpreter was built  
> on, or
> at least that is what is reported to me by calling  If I was
> using linux, which I currently am not, it'd be a different story.
> Additionally, GCC isn't available for windows XP, only MinGW, the  
> port,
> and I don't know that much about it to use it running on a Windows
> platform.  Furthermore, I was asking for help on an extension, not an
> economical question about my programming environment.

Well, since I don't use Windows XP, I did not know this fact. I  
wasn't trying to offend you or argue with you, I was just flat out  
curious why you had to go out and buy Visual Studio.

Andrew Gwozdziewycz
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