Continuous system simulation in Python

François Pinard pinard at
Fri Oct 7 14:41:53 CEST 2005

[Robert Kern]

> [...] an ODE integrator would probably want to adaptively select its
> timesteps as opposed to laying out a uniform discretization upfront.

Eons ago, I gave myself such a little beast (but really found in an
Appendix of a book on simulation), which I use since then whenever I
need it, not so often in these days.  If you are curious, see:

yet I'm sure there is just plenty of such things, all around.

The above is in C, not in Python.  I vaguely remember having once
rewritten the thing in Python, then discarded the result as not fast
enough for the need I then had.  If I really needed to use it nowadays,
I'll probably try to quickly link it through Pyrex.  Or just look around
a bit for some already made, and maybe better solution. :-)

It is easy and convenient, when writing a mixed discrete and continuous
simulation system, to tie the advancement control of the various active
ODE solvers within the main loop of the discrete event scheduler.

François Pinard

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