Tricky import question.

David Poundall david at
Tue Oct 25 15:39:15 CEST 2005

importedfiles = {}
for f in FileList
  f2 = f.split('.')[0]       # strip the .py, .pyc
  s2 = f2+'.main()'          # main is the top file in each import
  c = compile(s2, '', 'eval')
  importedfiles[f2] =  eval(c)

'importedfiles' should hold an object reference to the main() function
within each imported file.

The problem is, the import function works but I can't get the object
reference into the imortedfiles dictionary object.  the code keeps
telling me

NameError: name 'C1_Dosing' is not defined.

in this instance C1_Dosing is the first file name in the filelist.  The
import worked, why not the compile ??


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