Python -- CGI -- Take SQL database, make it download in CSV

totalgeekdom at totalgeekdom at
Mon Oct 31 17:33:22 CET 2005

I currently have a cgi-bin which I use to authenticate users against a
SQL database, which holds info about them, and their login info.

I would like to have the 'admin' section take part of the table and put
it in CSV and allow them to download it, somehow making it so that the
'members' cannot download it.

How it authenticates an admin --
Check User/pass
if correct:
    check if-member:
        print html-for-members
    check if-admin:
        print html-for-admins
if incorrect:
    print "enter correct creds"

So I would like to have a link in the html-for-admins, that could
re-auth them, and if it's correct allow a download of a csv file of
most of the sql table (I'd like to exclude the md5's  ;)  )

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?


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