A Moronicity of Guido van Rossum

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Sat Oct 1 02:54:50 CEST 2005

Steve Holden <steve at holdenweb.com> writes:

> [off-list]
> Peter Hansen wrote:
>> Gerrit Holl wrote:
>>>True. However, most mail to this mailinglist has less than 0.001 spam
>>>probability. As you can see, this one had 0.048 - a vast score, almost
>>>enough to put it in my unsure box. It seems to be just not hammy enough.
>>>It's interesting to see that no none of the foul language words used by
>>>Xah Lee ever occurs in any spam I receive - spam is not that stupid.
>> "Xah Lee: stupider than spam." (?)
>> -neologism-intentional-ly y'rs,
>>   Peter
> I'm responding off-list so's not to give this loony's threads any more
> visibility.

You seem to have goofed.

> FWIW I really like the slogan. Maybe you should register
> "stupiderthanspam.com" and make a million? Amused me no end.

I smell a google bomb. Add the link "<a
href="http://xahlee.org/">stupider than spam</a>" to your favorite web
page, and in a while typing "stupider than spam" into google and
hitting "I feel lucky" will take you to Xah Lee's home page....


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