how to modify text in html form from python

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Fri Oct 21 22:43:12 CEST 2005

"Philippe C. Martin" <pmartin at> writes:

> Mike,
> Here is what I am trying to do:
> **** WHAT ****
> -) a client opens his/her browser and click on some button which triggers my
> plugin
> -) the plugin starts to communicate with a server on some URL.
> -) the communication between the server and the client involves a few
> exchanges: data from client to server, then from server to client,.....
> -) just for info (I do not think it's relevant to my problem) on each side
> (server and client) there is a smart card (that's why I need a plugin) and
> the information exchanged comes from/go to the smart cards
> -) The smart card on the server side eventually decides whether or not the
> smart client on the client side is OK and tells so to the cgi script which
> acts accordingly
> ***** HOW (if there's a better way let me know please) ******
> As I have not found any better solution yet, I am trying to do the following
> (on the server there is an html file and a cgi file)
> -) the plugging opens the correct url which has a form with a "click" button
> -) the customer clicks on the button
> -) the server "puts" some information in a hidden form field (info from
> local smart card)
> -) the pluggin fetches the information from the form field and gives it to
> its local smart card 
> ....... (this a couple of time)
> -) the cgi script gets the final verdict from the server smart card and acts
> accordingly.
> I hope that is clearer.

Some. To continue clarifying:

The phrase "cgi script" refers to a server-side script that is run in
response to the user clicking something on the client. That's what you
expect it to be, right?

Do you expect the plugin to display a form? Or to ouput a form that
the client will display?

You've got lots of stuff going on here. I count at least five programs
and three network connections. How much is working, and which parts
are you trying to do in Python?

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