Missing modules '_ssl', 'ext.IsDOMString', 'ext.SplitQName'

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sun Oct 23 14:39:06 CEST 2005

uid09012_ti at collinsrealtime.com wrote:
> i get the following error message when i use py2exe on my application:
> The following modules appear to be missing
> ['_ssl', 'ext.IsDOMString', 'ext.SplitQName']
> I've installed PyXML-0.8.4.win32-py2.4.exe. My version of python is 2.4
> I've checked in the pyxml directories and these modules are not there.
> Anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong?

Maybe nothing.  Often py2exe will complain about modules which are not 
actually required by the application.

If your code runs and you've tested all areas of it, then you can chalk 
the above up to a "py2exe feature".


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