Windows vs Linux [was: p2exe using wine/cxoffice]

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Wed Oct 26 16:28:50 CEST 2005

[Giovanni Dall'Olio]

Tim Golden ha scritto:
[... bash vs Win command-line ...]

> Argh!! ;)
> How about reading a simple tutorial on bash?

[... snip signs of aggravation over my ignorance ...]

I am quite well aware of all of the ways you mention
of recalling history etc. etc. When I've tried using
them, they all seem tiresomely cumbersome in comparison
to my usual experience of typing a few characters, pressing
F8 and then continuing from there. I was aware of Ctrl-r but
I didn't think you could then go down from there. Others
have said that it's possible, so I'll revisit that.

I realise that for many people, being able to type !!-2 
or whatever the incantation is is a godsend. For me, it's
awkward at best. Horses for courses. I'm not dismissing the
entire bash experience. Of *course* I realise that you can
launch programs from it and can write scripts to loop etc.

Please understand: I'm not a whining newbie who's dipped
his toes in the water of bash and found it wanting. I'm
someone who earnestly wants to make the best use of the
tools at his disposal, in this case bash, but finds it
curiously wanting in this particular respect.

Thanks nonetheless for your explanations and ideas.


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