Web presentation layer/framework for python - recommendations?

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 27 10:14:24 CEST 2005

Anthony.Hornby at cdu.edu.au wrote:

>I am a python newbie and need some advice.
>I have been charged with redeveloping a web application with a front end written in python that has a backend of XML files.
>Currently it doesn't adequately separate out the presentation code from the content code.
>Frankly it’s a mess (think bowl of spagetti).
>Does anyone have any recommendations for python toolkits or templating systems that would simplify the cleanup and make the code more maintainable in the future? I am a newbie, but not afraid to have a go. I also haven't done any real application programming for a while - bit of perl and java stuff a few years back. Just do perl/python/shell scripting these days.
>All comments welcome :-)
>Regards Anthony.
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>Charles Darwin University (CRICOS 300K)
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I've personally been pretty fond of TurboGears lately.  It encourages a 
really clean MVC with SQLObject as the default model layer.  I haven't 
checked, but I don't think SQLObject supports XML as a data source, but 
you could definitely write your own XML data access layer and use 

- jmj

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