Confused on Kid

Brandon K prince_amir86 at
Mon Oct 10 17:09:49 CEST 2005

Hey, so I heard about the TurboGears posting and decided to investigate. 
     I watched some of their video on building a wiki in 20 minutes and 
was totally blown away because I'm used to python...straight python, not 
melding together 4 different APIs into one to blah blah.  ANYWAY.  I was 
investigating each subproject individually and could not, for the life 
of me figure out how Kid worked.  I understand that it takes a 
well-formed XML document and transforms it, but I could not figure out 
where it transforms it, or how to transform a document.  They have 
plenty of template examples, but I'm left say, "What do I do with this?" 
I know I can't just pop in it a browser because it has no sort of style 
sheet or anything so it would just render as an XML document.  What do 
you do after you have a kid template?

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