how to count and extract images

Joe dinamo99 at
Mon Oct 24 01:49:48 CEST 2005

I'm trying to get the location of the image uisng 

start = s.find('<a href="somefile') + len('<a
stop = s.find('">Save File</a></B>',
start) fileName = s[start:stop]
and then construct the url with the filename to download the image 
which works fine as cause every image has the Save File link and I can
count number of images easy the problem is when there is more than image I
try using while loop downlaod files, wirks fine for the first one but
always matches the same, how can count and thell the look to skip the fist
one if it has been downloaded and go to next one, and if next one is
downloaded go to next one, and so on.

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