Microsoft Hatred FAQ

David Schwartz davids at
Thu Oct 27 07:47:41 CEST 2005

Paul Rubin wrote:

> "David Schwartz" <davids at> writes:

>>> So, your observations about Burger King are irrelevant to Microsoft.

>>     Because the error I'm correcting is the belief that Microsoft's
>> conduct was extremely unusual (unlike anything any reputable company
>> had ever done, essentially).

> MS's monopolistic conduct was uncommon, but not so extremely unusual
> as to be unheard of.  Congress had indeed seen conduct like that
> before, which is why it saw the need for passing laws against it.

    But there is no law against that type of conduct, *unless* you are a 
monopolist. So your conclusion hinges on the determination that Microsoft 
had a monopoly, and that hinges on the definition of the "market". That's a 
different can of worms for a different part of this thread.


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