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Tue Oct 25 10:53:45 CEST 2005

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 21:06:36 -0700, "David Schwartz"
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said :

>    Do you think it would be immoral if Microsoft said, "we will only sell 
>Windows wholesale to dealers who don't sell other operating systems?"

I had an existing independent business. I was not as though I were an
MS franchise. They imposed this extortion well into my business's
life.  My choice was comply or go out of business.

It was not as if I had a choice of sell Hondas or sell Kias if I did
like the franchise deal.

To my way of thinking what MS did was similar to a the only magasine
wholesaler in town telling retailers it had to sell kiddie porn under
the table or pay full retail for all magazines.

I broke my own ethical code rather than go out of business. I will
never forgive MS for putting me in that position. 

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