noob question Letters in words?

Ivan Shevanski darkpaladin79 at
Sat Oct 8 04:06:31 CEST 2005

>Perhaps a better idea is to present the user with a choice that cannot
>be deviated from, along the lines of...
>def main():
>   print "1.\tStart"
>   print "2.\tSomething Else"
>   print "3.\tStop"
>   x = raw_input()
>   if x is '1': print 'Start'
>   elif x is '2': print 'Something else'
>   elif x is '3': print 'End'
>   else: main()

Right but see what if the user wants to type Start? I've already used the 
number menu but too many people get confused by it. . .Any other ideas?



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